How To Fix A Hole In Clothing Without Sewing

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Here are the reasons why your orchid is dying!

Under no circumstances should you cut your orchid, as it may no longer have lush, generous flowers. Here is what this mistake that many often make consists of. Orchids are plants that we frequently find in homes today. In fact, their colors illuminate the environment in which they are placed. There are around 25,000 species in nature and … Read more


All that dirt in the washing machine, why isn’t it coming out? This is the best method to remove it within minutes. How often  does dirt from the washing machine accumulate  and also ruin your clothes? Unfortunately, washing machine maintenance should be routine over time, but not everyone thinks about it. Limescale, detergent and fabric softener residue lead to poorly … Read more

Sugar-free Carrot and Pecan Cake

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Cleansing Ginger Lemonade

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Choc-Mint Crackle Cheesecake Lasagne

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Pear and Super Grain Salad

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Lentil, Mushroom and Spinach Lasagne

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Leftover Roast Vegetable Pie

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Breakfast focaccia

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